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Introspection (*NEW)
Swapan Chaudhuri - Tabla

Ragas Des, Jog, Shudh Kalyan*
*(bonus mp3 track on CD)

Full Concert recording, May 2011 in Berkeley.
Dedicated to the life and music of my beloved Guru, Vijay Raghav Rao, who guided me in my musical path.

CD $11 . or download at CD Baby

Pukar (*NEW)
G.S. Sachdev, Solo Bansuri

Enjoy Sachdev's unique interpretations of Traditional Classical Indian ragas in this album of Solo Bansuri, recorded during live concerts at Sivananda Ashrams and retreats in Europe.

Ragas Bhupali and Malkauns, Samhendra Madhyam, Chandrakauns, Mishra Shiv Ranjani

CD $11 . or download at CD Baby

K.Paramjyoti, tabla

Raga Yaman , Dhun
Live concert in New york

A devotional, peaceful evening raga, thoroughly developed in slow ektal and teental.

CD $11

Golden Sun
Swapan Chaudhuri, tabla

Ragas: Brindavani Sarang, Madhuvanti, Mishra khamaj, Hamsadhwani

Four different moods, ranging from noon to evening times, will be felt in these ragas of diverse nature and contrasting talas.

CD $11 . or download at CD Baby

Patterns (DVD)
Swapan Chaudhuri, tabla

Ragas Madhu Kauns, Bahar and Basant, Shudh Kalyan, Darbari, Folk Dhun

Benefit Concert for Ik Onkar Peace Foundation
Recorded live in Berkeley, May 2005.

$20 ( DVD )
(110 minutes, full length concert)

Amar Sangit
Swapan Chaudhuri, tabla

Ragas Samhendra Madhyam, Mala, Punjab Folk, alap, compositions in raga bhimpalasi, bhajan (devotional)

This recording displays Sachdev's devotion to the subtleties of the bansuri, and to the spiritual roots of indian music.

CD $15

A Night in Berkeley
Swapan Chaudhrui, tabla
Live at St. John's, 2002

Ragas Mishra Kafi, Bihag, Punjab Folk

Music is at times deep and calm, at times as fast as the wind, always an expressive blend of flute and tabla.

CD $15. DVD $15 . CD+DVD $20

G S Sachdev, Bansuri
A unique solo recording

Whisper recalls the sound of bansuri of my childhood, played by sheperds, notes became whispering echoes bouncing off the hills of Nothern India.

CD $11

Greeting of the Dawn
Morning Meditations
G S Sachdev, Solo Bansuri

The ragas played with quiet expression, Sachdev's first breath brings life to the bansuri. A sweetly serene mood is created in four 15-minute tracks - a 1 hour relaxation session perfect for yoga, massage, or stress relief.

CD $11

Flights of Improvization
Zakir Hussain, tabla

Ragas Ahir Bhairov, Shudh Sarang, Abhogi

Ragas from early morning to night. Moods range from exuberant, devotional to serene.

1992 Billboard Critics Choice Top 10!.

CD $15

Zakir Hussain, tabla

Ragas Bihag, Kalavati, Chandrakauns

Sachdev's playing is remarkable for its directness and simplicity, capturing the essential spirit of classical music here in performances of three contrasting ragas.

CD $18 (import)

Jasmine Nights
Swapan Chaudhuri, tabla

Ragas Amrit, Jog

Sachdev, with his superb technicial artistry, makes one feel the Jasmine scented evening of summer in the North Indian plains.

CD $18 (import)

Live in New York
K Paramjyoti, tabla

Ragas: Maru Vihag, Bageshri
Live at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine

The sound of the flute echoes through
the cathedral.Sachdev takes full advantage to materialize new phrases out of the echoes of old ones. Truly Peaceful and meditative.

CD $11

Two Moods
Zakir Hussain, tabla

Ragas - Kaushik Dhwani, Purya Kalyan .
Life is balance - passive as well as energetic. This recording is a
unique example of both the dynamic and the peaceful qualities of music.

CD $11

Classical North Indian Ragas
Zakir Hussain, tabla

Raga Patdeep - The mood is of longing and the pangs of separation . Dhun - A light classical form based on folk music of India.

CD $11

Romantic Ragas
Jnan Ghosh, tabla

Raga Des, Kajri,Raga Madhuvanti

Represents the aesthetic and spirtual as well as the physical flavors of love. Sachdev adorns and embellishes the notes, creating a stream of romantic impressions.

CD $11

Master of the Bamboo Flute. Vol 2
Zakir Hussain, tabla

A celebration of Spring with early morning Raga Hindole and late night raga Bageshri.

Graceful, deep and serious.

CD $11 . or download at CD Baby

Lyrical Grace
Jitendra Thakur, tabla

Ragas Jaijaivanti, Hamsadhwani.

Performing always with sage-like address, Sachdev's flute pierces the noisy events of the world reclaiming for its lost sense of simplicity & truth.

CD $11

The Bamboo Flute of India
G S Sachdev, Solo Bansuri

Ragas Bhoop, Des, Kalavati, Hindole

Though the music has its moments of great excitement, the most powerful aspect is its ability to put the listener in a relaxed mood and a calm state of mind.

CD $15

Live in Concert
Swapan Chaudhuri, tabla

Raga Madhu Kauns, Dhun (based on Mishra Shiv Ranjani), Raga Rageshri.

In this recording, Sachdev is in his element perfoming live for a thoroughly enraptured audience.

CD $11 . or download at CD Baby

Jnan Ghosh, tabla

Ragas Purya Kalyan, Des, Patdeep

As Sachdev plays, the notes become stronger as thunder compliments lightening. Jnan Ghosh's tabla performance is the perfect companion.

Double CD $14

The Basics of the Bansuri Flute

Instructional DVD of the Bansuri, the Bamboo Flute of India, with lecture demonstration of Indian Clasical Music

Instructional DVD + Bonus concert DVD $60

Thinking Tabla
A Key to Transposing Compositions into Tals
Instructional CD by K Paramjyoti

This Instructional CD brings forth the knowledge and insight of a Master percussionist in a manner that is instructive and thoroughly enjoyable.

CD with 20 page instructional booklet $20

Special Collection Offer!

All Chandi Label Titles
$150 for Following 15 Titles:
Introspection . Pukar . Yaman . Golden Sun . Whisper . Greeting of the Dawn . Live in New York . Two Moods . Classical North Indian Ragas . Romantic Ragas . Master of the Bamboo Flute Vol. II . Lyrical Grace . Live in Concert . Aradhana Double CD . A Night in Berkeley CD+DVD . ($178 value)

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