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Amar - Freyja - DJ Sep - Sooozhyq - Frederique . Ultra Gypsy . DJ Dragonfly . Dhamaal . Dhol Rhythms . Sila & the Afrofunk Experience . Beats without Borders . Ariellah . Soulsalaam . Cheb i Sabbah . Tabla Rasa . Turbo Tabla . Rena Jones . Boom Boom Bollywood . Lumin . MC Rai . Solace . Sub Swara . Triple Power . Kush Arora . Clandestine . DJ Layla . FatChanceBellyDance . Elizabeth Strong . Mira Betz . Zoe Jakes . ShadowDance . Surya Dub . Nonstop Bhangra . Atash Maya . Unmata . Beats Antique . Mitara . Kaihea . Sharon Kihara . Susan Frankovich . Calamity Sam . Jennifer Faust . Cera . Kami Liddle . Queen Harish . Colleena . Dan Cantrell . Samantha Hasthorpe

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We present unique nights with a Gypsy Flair extending the borders of artistic creation - in forms of Music, Dance, Visual Art, Culinary Extravagance

Below are photos from our First Electric Vardo event on March 11th, 2005.

Notes on Electric Vardo Opening Night March 11, 2005 (pics above):

What an amazing night ... I just returned home (6am, the morning after) and am energized by the performances and the people. Thank you to all of you who came and made our first night (one of many more to come) a bashing success. We are thrilled and thankful to all of the artists, live performers, dancers and DJs, and our group of great people who helped us promote and bring this night together.

For those of you who missed it, be sure to save the date Next Month, Saturday April 9th, for another amazing night with Ultra Gypsy, DJ Sep, DJ Amar, DJ Dragonfly, Janaka Selekta, Rena Jones, Sukhawat Ali Khan and a special Ultra Gypsy Student Dance Performance..
Live Performances - Dance - DJs - Exotic Food and Drink - All night
Be sure to make advance reservations for our Exotic Dinner Lounge.
Last night all tables were Sold out. On that note, for those of you who may have had any trouble during our first night, please accept our sincere apologies and know that with our first event's overwhelming success, we are regrouping and working on ways to make it better, smoother and more accommodating to all. Both the collective and the venue are already discussing how we will make next month's and future events even more phenomenol and running smooth as saffron-lemon infused butter. We appreciated your wonderful support and look forward to seeing you again soon. Please, we ask you, if you did experience any difficulty, do let us know. We want to do our best and appreciate your candid feedback. Please e-mail me at or call me at 415-259-8629 with your comments.

Special thanks goes out to all members of Lumin (Irina, Jef, Susie, plus special guest musicians and dancers), Tabla Rasa (Jim, Tim, Uttam & Wallace), Vicki and all of the dancers of Dholrhythms, Jimmy Love, Nayomi Munaweera, Maneesh the Twister, Soulsalaam, Teed Rockwell, Kitundu & Sukhadia, Chef Sterling, Salie at the bar and the Blue Cube Staff, Saroj (my mom) for the wonderful recipes, and you.